We recommend only using brushes specifically designed for extensions with boar and nylon bristles. Shop ours here. Do not brush or pull extension wefts aggressively. Use low heat settings when styling, never above 360°. Only use salon grade, sulfate-free products to maintain proper moisture and luster. We  advise regular use of oils, serums, masks, leave-in conditioners and heat protection to promote health and protect your extensions.



We advise against coloring or toning extensions. This includes the use of a toning or purple shampoo. Hazel Hair Co is not responsible for and will not replace hair that has been color treated or altered in anyway.



Avoid salty, chlorinated, ocean, lake or hard water completely. These harsh waters and chemicals can compromise the health and integrity of the extensions. Keep extensions away from sunscreen as it can permanently alter the color. Hazel Hair Company is not responsible for and will not replace hair discolored or damaged due to water exposure or sunscreen use.



Never sleep with wet extensions. Lying on wet wefts can cause matting and weaken your extensions causing excessive shedding or breakage. Before sleep make sure extension hair is 90% dry and brushed. We also suggest use of a silk/satin pillowcase.